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Rosendahl Watch II Digital Small Stainless Steel

Rosendahl Watch II Digital Small Stainless Steel


Digital Small Stainless Steel

When you cut away all the frills, surely a watch would have to look very much like Rosendahl’s Watch II, designed by Flemming Bo Hansen.

The watch case, dial and strap form a complete entity. No digressions; no convolutions.

A complete unit – almost like a deep black stroke of genius on your wrist, with only one function: to tell you the time. And, perhaps, to look good, too…

There is no simpler style of watch than Watch II. This is equally true in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

There are four models of this watch: two digital and two analogue. Flemming Bo Hansen had sharpness, efficiency and focus in mind when he created the two digital watches, which show only four large digits.

In creating the two models with hands, he had softer, warmer, more rounded values in mind. Once the strap has been adjusted and the time set, these strokes of genius do what they are born to do: they tell you the time – no more and no less. Watch II is made of polished, hypo-allergenic stainless steel, toughened mineral glass and plastic.

Lens: Blue Sapphire
ATM: 03
Movement: ROSENDAHL IC-01
Accuracy: 1 sec / day
Strap & Bracelet: Polyurethan
Dial: Light Antrazite
Case: Mirror Polished, stainless steel

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