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Rosendahl REAL Watch Wide Band

Rosendahl REAL Watch Wide Band


Wide Band

Simplicity in its purest form.

In the late 1980s, Flemming Bo Hansen designed one of the simplest and most elegant digital watches the world has ever seen. It stood out distinctly from other digital watches on the market. After decades of attention to modern styling, we now present the WATCH with the designer’s original, simple interface.

Award-winning designer Flemming Bo Hansen’s WATCH range is designed according to a principle of simplicity and clean lines. Everything superfluous has been eliminated, and what is left is a watch in its purest conceivable form. Nothing could be simpler or more beautiful, and all the retained components now fulfil their key function: nothing can be left out – nothing needs to be added.

The designer’s inspiration – nature’s peace and the pulse of the metropolises WATCH is created according to the proportions of the Golden Ratio, which is why users unconsciously recognise something of themselves in the watch. The concept refers to the ratio of two sizes that, from antiquity, mathematicians and scientists as well as artists have regarded as harmonious.

These proportions are found in nature, such as in our DNA and in the spiral of the conch, but also in architecture and paintings all over the world.

The watch is one of the most thoroughly implemented expressions of the Golden Ratio among design objects. Nothing is left to chance. The modernistic design is surrounded by the divine principle. The electronics are embraced by clean lines.

Simplicity is also the focal point of Flemming Bo Hansen’s life, which he lives close to nature. This is where he observes and underpins knowledge of intricate calculations and design principles, and this is where he gathers inspiration for new models.

From Tokyo to New York, his watches and his face have become famous. Years of working in the two metropolises characterise his styling with a clearly preserved respect for Danish design tradition.

It is no coincidence that WATCH is the basic cornerstone of Rosendahl’s WATCH collection and is represented in the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Lens: Blue Sapphire
ATM: 03
Movement: ROSENDAHL IC-02
Accuracy: 1 sec / day
Strap & Bracelet: Calf Skin
Dial: Light Antrazite
Case: Brushed/Mirror Polished, stainless steel

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