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Rosendahl Watch III Digital Large

Rosendahl Watch III Digital Large


Digital Large

Tradition, pedigree and high quality in every detail are the prerequisites for daring to alter a classic – and produce a new one. With his Watch III, Flemming Bo Hansen proves this can be done.

The name Flemming Bo Hansen is synonymous with a watch with case and strap fully integrated in a single unbroken – so far always black – band around the wrist. This classic style is retained in Watch III, which the award-winning Danish designer has created for Rosendahl. But with modifications.

In the new watches, the continuation of the sides of the watch does not determine the maximum width of the strap. Instead, the width of the dials is the starting point for applying the strict laws of mathematics and geometry so beloved by Flemming Bo Hansen. This time, the dials determine where the strap should lie.

By allowing the black dial with its white digital numbers to flow imperceptibly into a matt black nylon strap, the black ring so typical of Flemming Bo Hansen remains intact. The innovative feature here is the trapezoid, elliptical watch case made of glass-bead blasted steel. A shape that radiates beyond the width of the watch and the strap to give the watch a new suppleness – but with the unmistakeable hallmark of the classic.

Another style innovation he has permitted in this successful experiment with his new classic is to provide one of the two new watches with a steel bracelet in the same material as the watch itself. Thus, he has distanced himself from the original starting point, but has at the same time created an alternative.

Rosendahl has developed a high-quality new movement for both new watches, to display the time, date and year.

Lens: Blue Sapphire
ATM: 05
Movement: ROSENDAHL IC-01
Accuracy: 1 sec / day
Strap & Bracelet: Brushed, Stainless Steel
Dial: Black
Case: Glass Blown stainless Steel

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